Tree Stump Removal Weston Down Bristol

Tree Stump Removal Weston Down Bristol

Tree Stump Removal Weston Down BristolStumpBusters are the UK’s No.1 Tree Stump Removal Specialist. Reliable, Qualified & Fully Insured. Tree Stump Removal Weston Down Bristol.

After removing a tree that is causing obstacles in your yard the problem is how to get rid of the stump. Removing tree stumps is a difficult task, many don’t do it themselves, they employ capable Tree Stump Removal Weston Down Bristol services. Here are some methods of getting rids of tree stumps from your yard. 

#1 By Using Chemicals for Tree Stump Removal Weston Down Bristol

The first and cheaper labor-intensive method of removing tree stumps is chemicals. This tree removal is quick, especially when the size of the Stump is big. Also, it is very cheap when you have a chainsaw, which costs around $30. Here are some chemicals you can buy to Remove a Tree Stump. 

  • Potassium Nitrate
  • Ax
  • Garden Mulch
  • Drill

How to remove a tree Stump with chemicals

You will need to get a chemical tree Stump .

Removal and some patience. This is because it takes some time for this removal to be done. Here are the steps:

Step 1

Take your chainsaw and grind as much stump as you can please ensure your protective gear. 

Step 2

Drill some holes inside what remains of the Tree Stump. Space these holes and go very deep.

 Step 3

Put some water in the holes and mix with potassium nitrate. You can also add nitrogen if available. 

Step 4

Sprinkle water around the Stump ground area and cover with some traps to help keep the moisture in. 

Step 5

Check back regularly and add water and nitrogen to get better results. 

#2 By Removing tree Stump manually

If you don’t like the chemical method of Tree Stump Removal Weston Down Bristol, you can do it manually. If you already have the necessary tools, it might be a cheaper option and this can be completed within 14 hours. Some tools you may need to buy are Digging bar, mattock and Ax. 

Steps to manually remove a Tree Stump

This is a labor-intensive option but very effective. It is perfect for big tree trunks. Follow these steps: 

Step one

Take the mattock and dig through the Stump to free some specks of dirt. 

Step 2

Get a shovel, to carry the dirt so that the roots are more visible. 

Step 3

Use the mattock or a bow to cut the tree roots from its trucks. 

Step 4 

Continue digging until you get to the taproot. When you get there, severe the taproot.

It could be daunting, but when you are done, you will be amazed at the results. 

#3 By Burning the Stump

Burning can be a good suggestion to get rid of stumps.  Some materials you might need to include a power drill, kerosene and a stump product. Consider some useful steps:

Step 1

Create some holes in the stump and put some tree stumped powder on it to make it porous. 

Step 2

 Poor quality fuel inside these holes. Make sure the fuel covers all parts of the street Stump. 

Step 3

Light the matches on the stump and watch it burn. Stay closely and ensure the flame doesn’t die out. Although it is fast, it is dangerous in a populated neighborhood.

Other notable methods of Tree Stump Removal Weston Down Bristol include using a grinder or getting a company to do it at good rates.